Wayne Yong

Information Technology Professional and Services in Singapore, SG

Call +65 9883 3303

Hi! I am Wayne Yong

I have specialise skills in:

System Administration, Computer Networks, IT Support and Data Recovery

I provide the following services: PC Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone Repair. Be it Software or Hardware

- Reinstall/Reformat of Windows, Linux Operating System

- System Recovery i.e. Operating Systems Corrupted, not able to boot up

- Data Migration and Migration of Files (Cloning)

- Data Recovery i.e. Retrieval of deleted files by accident, Corrupted Hard Drive Partitions, Infected by a Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware or Trojan

- Android and iOS Software Recovery i.e. Flashing of Firmware

- File Transfer and Backup Data for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)

- Solid State Drive (SSD) and Ram Upgrade

- Motherboard Repair

- LCD and Battery Replacement Services for Laptop and Mobile Phone

Clients I've worked with

Solular Mobile and IT Services - Partnership Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Deutsche Bank AG Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Quess Corp (Singapore)

HuanYu Telecommunications

Ever Higher Data Recovery

PC Gallery

Planet Tech

By nail n LASHes

Aurora Design & Contracts

Absolute MS (S)

ES-team Lighting

Swissco Aerospace

Niiu Capital

Dental Solution Oracle

SSK Machinery Mover

H.G Civil Engineering

Contact Me

M: (65) 9883 3303 / 9883 3343

My Portfolio at https://wayneyong.com

What clients say about me
Thank you so much Wayne for solving an IT issue that is not within your industry. He applied the same principles and steps to diagnose my dental equipment and managed to solve my issues within a short period of time! He also treated my machine with gentle care. Thank you once again for your service.
Jam JL Ye - LinkedIn Mar 20 2022
Wayne Yong can be contacted at 98833343 for his exemplary IT services involving repairs of desktops, laptops, MacBook and other related services at a very reasonable price with uncompromised and friendly services
Sabrina Lim - Facebook May 28 2022
熊玮伦:"我女儿邦我拿回了平板电脑,我很滿意,謝謝你 本来我要来你处修理电脑,但后来发现恢复正常了,下次会再来找你"
宇南 - 微信 10月 8日 2022年
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